FerMac 320

FerMac 320 Cell Culture

This version of the FerMac 320 has a vessel specifically designed for cell culture.

Vessel Cell

Key features

  • Specially designed, dish-based vessel for gentle, efficient mixing.
  • Glassware protected in a metal tripod support frame
  • Gas flow system with dedicated flow control for Air, O2, CO2 and N2 
  • pH control by CO2 and liquid base addition.
  • Wide range of impeller designs and sizes
  • Poral (sintered) sparge tips available in various pore sizes
  • Lower speed range for mixing of all types of cells

Inside the vessel, the agitator has a low speed range which, combined with a wide range of impellor types and sizes, gives excellent and gentle mixing for all types of cells.

The introduction of gases into the vessel is neatly and efficiently achieved by the separate gas flow service plate. This provides automated control of Air, O2 N2 & CO2 into the bioreactor. Each of these gases has a dedicated flow meter (rotameter) with “easy change” flow tubes; allowing users to change flow rates to suit their application or for when changing bioreactor sizes. Alternatively, mass flow controllers are available.

Gas can be sparged through the media, into the head space, or both. Our microporous sparge gives excellent gas transfer, with a variety of pore-sizes and sparger tip types available.

Our attention to detail and focus on the user sets Electrolab equipment apart from its competitors.

Vessel Cell Bottom


FerMac autoclavable bioreactors for the 320 are available in 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 and 15 litre working volumes (18L for cell culture) and feature our easy coupling drive shaft design - enabling replacement in seconds and minimising down-time. Single-use rigid bioreactors are available in volumes up to 15L for the 320 series.

FerMac Bioreactor Vessels (front view)

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