FerMac 310/60

FerMac 310/60 Microbial Culture

This version of the FerMac 310/60 has a vessel specifically designed for microbial culture and features a flat bottom.

Vessel Microbial Peek

Key features

  • Specially designed flat-bottom vessel; designed for ease of handling.
  • Single-wall glassware standard and recommended for majority of applications (jacketed glassware available as an option)
  • Integrated bioreactor carrying/mounting handles.
  • Gas flow system with dedicated flow control for Air, with option for other gases.
  • Suitable for aerobic, micro-aerobic or anaerobic processes.
  • When used with the Hamilton VisiFerm dO sensor, a wider range of percentage saturation can be measured using a single sensor, often replacing the need for measuring redox.
  • pH control by liquid acid and base addition.
  • Standard temperature control up to 50oC, with high-temperature upgrade available.
  • Cold finger included for process cooling
  • Wide range of impeller designs and sizes, with efficient baffle assembly to aid mixing and gas transfer.
  • Sparger design either standard L-type (with a series of holes on the underside); versions with interchangeable tip available.
  • Speed range up to 1200rpm for most bioreactor sizes
  • User selectable stirrer/air valve cascade

The flat-blade turbine impellers, combined with the baffles, help create vigorous mixing, ensuring adequate gas transfer for even the most oxygen-demanding processes.

The introduction of gases into the vessel is neatly and efficiently achieved by the gas flow/mixing plate fitted to the 310 stirrer. This provides automated control of Air into the bioreactor.

Vessel Microbial Bottom

For particularly demanding applications, O2-enriched air can supplement the Air flow, and other gas control can be added where your process demands. Each of these gases has a dedicated flow meter (rotameter) with “easy change” flow tubes; allowing users to change flow rates to suit their application or for when changing bioreactor sizes. Alternatively, mass flow controllers are available.

Gas can be sparged through the media, into the head space, or both. Different sparge designs are available, including a version which accept different tip types. All our autoclavable bioreactors are available in stainless steel or PEEK.

Vessel Microbial Peek 310/10

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