On-line glucose/lactate analyser for laboratory use

The TRACE C2 Control is a dual-channel, on-line analyser for the monitoring and control of glucose and lactate concentrations in biopharmaceutical applications.


Integrated PID

A 4-channel version, the MultiTRACE, is also available. Connection to the majority of bioreactor systems is achieved by using the patented dialysis or filtration probes (for traditional autoclavable or steam-in-place bioreactors), or the single-use dialysis probe for disposables. The device uses integrated PID to control a feed pump, so there is no need for a separate process control / SCADA system. For large bioreactors requiring higher feed flow-rates, and external pump (with suitable communications) can be driven by the analyser.

Key features and technical data

  • Direct control of the substrate concentration without the need of a separate process control system
  • Parallel online measurement of glucose and lactate
  • Cost-effective, compact and low maintenance
  • Minimal risk of process contamination
  • No sample volume required
  • Connects to the majority of reusable and disposable bioreactors
  • Measuring range for glucose 0.1 g/L – 40 g/L
  • Measuring range for lactate 0.05 g/L – 10 g/L
  • Measuring frequency up to 60 measurements per hour (depending on application)
  • Integrated feeding pump for bioreactors up to 5L volume
  • Serial port / analogue outputs to drive external pumps
  • Ambient temperature 15°C – 25°C (internal temperature correction)
  • Dimensions in 120 x 170 x 200mm (W x H x D) / Weight 1.9 kg

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